Privacy Policy

LA Infotech provides a completely trusted service in making the content marketing and distribution reliable, protected and quick. LA Infotech understands its responsibilities towards the clients in order to maintain all their privacy rights. Our privacy policy is based on the data and information that you provide us. We totally abide by the laws and rules as far as the privacy of our customers is concerned. By using our services, you agree to provide us with your acknowledgement for utilizing your information in the ways discussed here in our privacy policy.

Information Collected

The information that we collect from our users which are utilized through this app by the subscribers. This information may include email id, name etc. Below, we have mentioned the intents behind collecting such information:

  • Email Id: We may require the users to provide their active email address in order to update them regarding the changes made in our privacy policy or services from time to time.

Once users furnish all the above-said information to us, we are committed to provideapt services to them. Subscription is a must for this,and it could be availed on a monthly, bi-monthly or trial basis. Charges apply accordingly.

Privacy Policy for Children

The services of LA Infotech is not to be accessed by the children below 20 years of age. So, if you find your children using our app and you feel that we have collected any data from them, you can contact us directly at [email protected] and instantly inform us regarding the same.

Complaint Managing Procedure

We always try our best to manage personal information safely and securely. If in case, you have any complaint regarding our content, work process, or data collection policies then you must feel free to contact us at  [email protected]. Here, we will provide you with the best possible solution in the least possible time. You have a complete right to object or claim anything in association with your data protection commands under the Terms and Condition of our Services.

Privacy Policy Amendments

We have the complete right to modify our privacy policy document at any time. However, we always inform our clients about all the changes that we make in our policies. In order to continue the use of our services, the users are required to provide their approval to the modification made in our policy statements. If you do not wish to comply with our updated policy terms, you must stop utilizing our service.

Contact Us

We request all our users to feel free to put forward their queries. For this, you can write us an email anytime at  [email protected] We also welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions in order to enhance our services.