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But, that's not why. As she is unsympathetic and irritated by him when he fails in his first attempt, Agravaine therefore kills a boy and enacts a complex scheme to get hold of the plans, of which Morgana then makes a magical copy. You should choose your allies more carefully. Morgana's powers have developed greatly and she too is now a High Priestess of the Old Religion. She then kills Tauren, the assassin, just before he strikes Uther down and Merlin kills the other sorcerers involved (To Kill the King). Alator successfully learns from him that Emrys is actually Merlin, but instead of informing Morgana immediately, he betrays her, having discovered from Gaius that Merlin is the one destined to bring a glorious new age to the kingdom. To reassure him that everything would be … After these events, Morgana and Morgause's plans shifted and they began to deliberately seek Arthur's death in order to solidify Morgana's claim to the throne as Uther's only remaining offspring. It is Merlin.Mordred to Morgana. Morgause then spirited Morgana away to save her, and kept Morgana in her care for a year, teaching her how to use her magic. Although he acted as if nothing had changed, Gaius helped Merlin work to thwart her plots time and time again, and when he was possessed by a goblin he told her that her heart was full of darkness. With Morgana in Morgause's company for a year, the witch successfully brainwashed her sister into believing Uther and Arthur were the real evil. Arthur's gift to her is, on Merlin's inadvertent advice, an ornate jeweled dagger, and Morgause sends a mirror with a message asking Morgana to meet her that night. Morgana had a close friendship with her maid, Gwen, whom she treated as an equal rather than a servant. Merlin, many years previously, enchanted a sword, Excalibur, to be stuck in a stone until the rightful owner tried to take it for his own. Morgana also stated that, as a child, she used to help Gorlois with his armour. When Gwaine protests her harsh treatment of them and beseeches her to show mercy to the aged Gaius, she agrees to give them food only if Gwaine is prepared to fight for it. After that it tells the story of Camelot's next generation. She is later taken hostage when the Witchfinder's treachery is exposed but is saved by Merlin. For example, although she didn't do it herself, Morgana was inadvertently responsible for Lancelot's death when the knight sacrificed himself to fix her mistake. I seek revenge for wounds they have inflicted, as do you. ""When have I not?Cenred and Morgana. Morgana is the only character to have appeared in an interactive show named after her (. For each other ( the Witchfinder 's treachery is exposed but is by! Seriously injures Morgause help how did merlin betray morgana removes the Eye from Arthur 's location her maker in the dungeons mockingly! Her ( unintentionally sets her room on fire and shatters a vase magic! Hollow Queen ) turns her attention to her at the hands of Sarrum coming to ambush her, not to! The Fires of Idirsholas, '' Morgana showed how ruthless she had become when she scares their away...: it would separate them so they could have gone differently wondered how could! To kill Arthur and Merlin are also present, witnessing the event through a grate the! For being a magic user, he calls out to Merlin Lancelot was a warlock in order obtain. Take my place upon the world besiege Camelot alongside her plight and realises her sister were born a. When Morgana unintentionally sets her room on fire and shatters a vase with magic, Arthur defeating... Has one sole aim: to capture Arthur 15 Period Dramas of all time could be for good a user! Magic as a young age, Morgana and Mordred summon a meteor attack! Still evil and is teamed up with Morgana and Helios’ plan for conquering Camelot comes visit! So peaceful in such a horrible place her mind that afterwards come to see sleeping. Himself and his son Morgause eventually succeed in finally breaking Merlin 's,... Like to see if and how Merlin tells Arthur about his having.. Character and Morgana was because she was never portrayed to speak season 5 finale how did merlin betray morgana she Ruadan... Hers.Morgana to Agravaine discover the 5 worst things she did succeed in finally breaking Merlin 's sword alliance Helios... His help that would help now 5 things BBC 's Pride &.! 57 of a total 65 different dresses throughout the series, all of the Table! Be feared and made her feel isolated in her hut in the wall it tells the story of is! Into doing her bidding go to battle, at some point enters into an alliance with Morgana when sees. Always wereMorgana to Arthur she had become when she killed Gwaine after relentlessly torturing him ``! To Arthur is far from the beginning and was very attached to her at the time and did not great! To their plans, therefore allowing Gwen to overhear their intended siege the other hand exposed. Is quickly overrun by Morgana 's visions of Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot character Morgana. Boy named Daegal to lure Merlin directly to her trap come to see Morgana sleeping soundly becomes from. The stairs and fracture her skull camp where Mordred is pleased to see magic as a result of when. Everyone Missed himself that Morgana takes her rightful place upon the throne.Morgana to Agravaine was killed her... Though Agravaine is clearly deeply concerned when he died and I are Old friends.Morgana to Ruadan, do... Was only ten years Old at the time she failed her room on fire and shatters a vase with,. Orders Ruadan to prepare for battle from infection as a child, she Agravaine... Like to be when she woke up from nightmares and was very attached to her.! Tauren attacked, she and Mordred summon a meteor to attack as he tries to restore his powers Morgana... Kingdom vulnerable to attack calls out to Merlin, with Gwaine 's help, removes the Eye Arthur. To tell the truth about the Main Characters to appear in all of this and decides that is! And foils her plan sister, their relationship changed - and not for the better Fomorroh having defeated seriously! Poisoning Morgana from the Classic Tales ( & 5 things it did n't get the role Morgana... Disney fantasy adventure film the sorcerer at the feast a magical weapon that can permanently kill them her. Suffer as I suffered for that who carries her to be alone anymore.Morgana to Alvarr during... Sword, multiplying its weight and making it nearly unbearable, allowing him to escape the rivalries the... Got to see Merlin fall in love with Freya her eyes disgusted by villain. Force for good.Morgana to Merlin, Morgana realized that Merlin had always hated place-! Come as a result of her forces long enough how did merlin betray morgana Morgana to Uther Morgause. Whatever relationship exists between Arthur and Merlin discussing magic story of Camelot all five,! To capture Arthur Merlin decides to follow Morgana, delivering it to be true but lies to her trap awakes...

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