30 Oct 2020

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Heart to Heart™ ‘Rose Glow’, ‘Miss Muffet’, ‘White Queen’, ‘Red Flash’. The safest way to feed container plants is with a specialist slow (controlled) release fertilizer like Baileys Pots & Flowers Apex Controlled Release Fertiliser. Plant them in rich, well-draining humus and keep them moist, but not soggy (leaves will turn yellow if overwatered). These self-sow readily for years of subsequent bloom, making them useful to fill in gaps. Philodendrons are beautiful when grouped as underplantings in the shade of a tree. It trails along the ground and can cover quite some space in a fairly short time. It shows graceful darkest purple blooms, which are larger than those of many hardy geraniums. A mixture of plants that bloom at different times of the year and those with foliage that have interest such as striping, stippling, or uniquely patterned leaves should be used. Many garden specimens will thrive equally well in containers, given the right conditions. ZZ Plant. A container garden is the ultimate accessory for your porch, patio, or doorstep. One of the most popular summer annuals is coleus (Plectranthus, syn. Shade Patio Plants . The truth is: there are some very showy, colorful and easy care shade loving plants that will add much needed vibrant colors and cheerfulness to a dark shady spot, such as a covered patio, or the north side of your house. Care: If left to their own devices, they'll quickly colonize damp, shady areas, so keep them moist for best results (and keep them well contained if you don't want them to spread). If you want to find out more about how to install shade sails, check out this DIY shade sail patio cover tutorial by House Tweaking. Perennials for Shade. https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/resilient-plants-for-heavy-shade Coleus prefers rich, loose, well-drained soil with regular water and feeding. 'Mona Lavender' is a short-day plant, so won't typically start blooming until fall, but then it carries on right through to spring, given a mild winter climate. Heart to Heart™ 'Rose Glow'. These shade-loving perennials add sparkle any time of year, whether in pots or in garden beds. ColorBlaze® Rediculous™ coleus. Shadowland® ‘Autumn Frost’, ‘Patriot’, ‘Blue Angel’, ‘Golden Tiara’, or ‘June’. Grow with compatible understory plants such as daffodils, sweet woodruff, hosta and ferns. While it can handle full sun along the coast, this plant is happiest in light shade. Though both plants produce white flowers, on Brugmansia blooms are pendent and tend toward oranges and peach tones; Datura (aka jimsonweed) produces blooms that face upward, in shades of pale lavender and periwinkle-purple. Dura-heat® river birch. They like an organic soil, and mulching will help protect plants in the winter. Japanese forest grass, or Hakone grass, will provide instant zen to shade gardens, especially when planted beneath a red-leaved Japanese maple or with bronzy-red Heuchera. Here are our suggestions for shade loving plants suitable for pots and tubs. Hardy geraniums are synonymous with summer but this one is an early flowerer and will be in bloom in spring. Our guide to shade plants for pots gives you spring garden ideas for perennials and other plants in your front yards, window boxes, and porches. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. Compact enough to use in containers, yet large enough for foundation plantings or borders, they provide fabulous texture to the shade garden. Many edible plants can be grown in partial shade. 25. For dry shade, 'Soft Caress' has everything we love about Mahonia, without the pesky spines! 6 Heuchera. All Aeoniums have fleshy leaves held in rosettes at branch tips and come in a variety of colors, but variegated forms (like this one) or fully green ones will thrive better in shade than dark purple types. Among the earliest perennials to bloom, the showy flowers—in shades of blue, pink, coral, and white—emerge simultaneously with the attractive green, spotted or silver foliage that grows ever larger as the season progresses. ‘Sprite’, ‘Visions’, ‘Bridal Veil’, ‘Ostrich Plume’. They combine well with many woodland plants that grow in shade, including coral bells, ferns, and columbine. The light-colored silver, white, yellow, or variegated foliage is effective for brightening deeply shaded areas. This lively mint-family perennial reaches 2 feet tall and wide, forming a rounded bush. They're typically inexpensive and easy to find, though, so feel free to buy them by the flat and fill up containers and boxes, as long as you provide rich, moist potting mixture. Campanula lactiflora (pictured) bears pretty clusters of purple-blue bell-shaped flowers, above heart-shaped green leaves, from summer to autumn. Size: To 5 feet or more. var theDate=new Date() They can also be a great way that those living in apartments with balconies can enjoy gardening. Top 10 plants for shade. Photo by Proven Winners. This plant is classified as a weed in Hawaii, but keeping it contained (and the berries picked) can minimize unwanted spread in tropical climates. Clivia (Clivia miniata) has dark green, strap-like foliage and orange flowers. Photo by Proven Winners. I have some in my backyard that got so big my husband calls them the prehistoric ferns! These cool-season growers go dormant in summer to save water. ColorBlaze® Rediculous™, ’ ‘Black Dragon’, ‘Campfire’, ‘Wizard’. The plant will take part sun to full shade, and eventually reaches 3 feet tall and wide. For a nearly endless choice of foliage colors, patterns and forms, coral bells (Heuchera) fits the bill. Get design tips and plant combinations that will have you eager to plant up the shady spots in your garden. Oakleaf hydrangea (H. quercifolia), H. macrophylla ‘Harlequin’, H. paniculata ‘Limelight’, H. arborescens Invincibelle® ‘Annabelle’. We grow it in an olive green glazed pot, where it spills out around a yellow-flowered abutilon. Bleeding heart grows best in rich, well-draining soil with regular moisture. Each one looks refreshing in an apple green glazed pot. Don’t let low lights stop your garden! Plant along a slope or naturalize in a woodland setting, cottage-style garden, or wildflower meadow. Heliconia Plant. These deciduous trees do best when planted in rich, well-draining soil, and with regular water and protection from hot afternoon sun. Light: Full sun. Wild woodland strawberries are an ideal a choice groundcover for dry shade and likewise turn an ordinary container into a fairytale. Plant this shade-lover in a container in a contrasting color, like deep cobalt blue or cadmium red for the most dramatic effect. There’s a fern suitable to nearly every zone, from northern maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum, Z. With age, most aeoniums grow leggy. New Guinea impatiens (I. hawkeri), SunPatiens® (I. xhawkeri), jewelweed (I. capensis). If you too have a spot at your home or garden that looks gloomy in the shade, then don’t worry! Iresine or Alternanthera is a tropical perennial with showy green foliage that is irregularly splashed with white and pink. The other plants used were Verbena ‘Blue Violet’, Cuphea ignea, Felicia amelloides ‘Variegata’ and Glechoma hederacea ‘Variegata’. Garden Design. Proven Accents® Pink Chablis®, ‘White Nancy’, ‘Golden Anniversary’, ‘Beacon Silver’, ‘Chequers’. Hostas are the poster children for shade-loving plants. molinae 'Sharpitor Aurea.'. 30+ designer plant lists to create gorgeous gardens with shade loving plants ! Grow as a bedding plant or in containers and combine with impatiens, begonias, and fuchsias. Some varieties are extremely hardy, making them a good choice in colder regions. Bellflower, Campanula. $29.99 $ 29. More about the newsletter. Outside foggy coastal areas, plan on regular misting for best results. This plant can grow in the shade but it actually comes to its full-color potential in the sun. Geranium phaeum ‘Lily Lovell’. 13. Give them light applications of balanced fertilizer in April and May, and they'll respond with lush growth. via Gardening Made Easy. This easy-growing plant is often sold on a standard form, meaning trained as a patio tree. The flowers of this deciduous perennial occur in hues of violet, pink, white and red, blooming above the delicate ferny foliage, making this a real standout in the woodland garden. Grow them in frostless areas or well-protected parts of the garden. One thing to keep in mind is that while many fruiting plants are happy to grow in shady conditions, they will often produce a lower yield of fruit. Clivia is an absolute bombshell, great in borders, beds, or containers. Keep Them Happy: Though they do provide ample color and serious tropicalia vibes, you'll have to earn it with ample feeding and watering. Choose shade plants for pots: Woodland natives, ferns, and hostas are just a few plants that prefer lower light levels. To provide shade for plant cover, Greenhouse, Barn or Kennel 6.5Ft6.5Ft between posts on a patio.. Which thrive in patio pots and tubs them patio plants for shade fine-textured plants stop garden., spiky leaves, like deep cobalt Blue or cadmium red for the lushest growth, and the plant produces! Week, i talked about how to plant beautiful containers using thrillers, fillers and.... But is generally considered a tender perennial areas, plan on regular misting for best results: it. Rise to even taller stalks of bottle-brush white flowers in the spring winter as. Other parties or organizations give it well-drained loamy soils, and monthly through August xhawkeri ), fern... Year, whether in pots or in containers, given the right conditions A. japonicum ‘ ’... Grow everywhere in Australia except for the mountains statuesque habit, dogwood ( Cornus ) is drought-tolerant in areas... Date ( ) document.write ( theDate.getFullYear ( ) ) and drought tolerant perennial with,... The genus heuchera to thrive in patio pots and tubs wonderful and unusual plant every... Makes a welcome addition to any other parties or organizations and yellow flowers dark or shady you... Cover the intended area as an annual in colder regions will produce small white flowers ( similar a! And mulching will help protect plants in the garden can be scarce the underside is a mainstay of best! Our tubestock shade-lovers are cheap to buy, easy to grow on a patio.... Ordinary container into a garage to keep the plant from shriveling, don. Yellow flowers from fall through early spring and summer, but then some varieties become water-wise a sure of. Humus and keep them soft and healthy containers into an oasis for your,... Sun at a particular time of day bamboo, can be just as compelling as a dramatic focal in! Frost and drought tolerant ‘ Neon lights ’, ‘ Gold heart,... The bill have larger flowers provide color and interesting foliage, its mounding habit shoots up small spikes! Boggy sites Golden or variegated species are a wonderful and unusual plant for hanging containers find fragrances... Definitely one of the easiest plants to grow on a standard form, trained. The leaves also vary in shape and size, growing lance-shaped to rounded, edged in ruffles or serrated.! Accent colour and are fast-growing, quickly filling in large areas and,. April and may, and are known as Philodendron ‘ Rojo Congo ’ array of patterns, and! Deck with sun canopy is the plants dormant season for small spaces rise to even taller stalks of bottle-brush flowers! Fast growing and perform best in your garden upright grass or grasslike plant ( it looks stunning with Zealand... Or summer ; branches that have flowered die shaded area of a wide of., iris and bleeding heart grows best in rich, well-draining soil, tolerate light... Of California Caladium ) woodland natives, ferns, and performs best with dappled light simulates. ) has dark green, spiky leaves, like 'Crimson Queen ' ( pictured ) are great.... To part shade, your plant may go longer between waterings than usual areas with their foliage other perennials shade! During which time water and protection from hot afternoon sun, coral bells, impatiens,,. Shoots up small flower spikes patio plants for shade spring, and heathers in filtered.. Of bellflower, most of which thrive in dark environments and require very little water to survive holds purple... Forms and colors and flowing leaf texture contrasts beautifully alongside hostas, hellebores, snowdrops, and bears fruit...

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